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 NEW LANGUAGE has released a captivating new music video to visually express the mindset of their new single “PARANOID.” “PARANOID” completes the band’s EP1_2020 visual trilogy as they rev up for the release of their full length due out later this year. Speaking on the track, the band states, “PARANOID was initially written in response to the repeated gun violence we see here in the US and around the world. “PARANOID” was a theme we felt could all be related to in some regard. As a small experiment, we asked peers, family, fans, and friends, “What makes you paranoid?” The answers were all over the place and it quickly became apparent how we all share the same feeling but for such varying reasons. Is it losing control? Is it not meeting expectations? Is it violence? Are we paranoid because the person standing next to you is paranoid? The list could go on and we can be better at understanding everyone’s reasons.” For more, go to: (Source)

[Photo by: Jake Gavbrot] Seattle-based five-piece Dead Lakes have mastered the art of lacing their deeply intimate and honest lyrics with neon vibrancy. Dead Lakes have teamed up with AltPress to exclusively premiere their latest video for “SMS Happiness.” Frontman Sumner Peterson incorporates his personal struggles with anxiety attacks and suppressed emotions into Dead Lakes’ […]

Los Angeles’ rockers New Language first caught our attention when they were doing dates with the Used a few years ago. The band’s mix of modern rock and driven energy won over Bert McCracken and company’s fans. Today we’re premiering the video for the band’s new single, “Can’t Explain.” While the men of New Language […]