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There’s no shortage of perfect alternative songs from the 2000s. But can the same thing really be said about albums? You know what we’re talking about. It’s why we often opted to spend our $10 iTunes gift cards on assorted singles rather than full records. After all, why take up any fraction of that precious […]

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The year is 2001. The middle school bus stops by your house in 10 minutes as you hastily smudge on frosted lip gloss, grab your tattoo choker necklace and add an extra gem to your jeans’ bedazzled pocket. Trucker hats and studded belts are all the rage. In some ways, times are simpler.  Pop punk […]

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Remember the days of rushing home and turning on MTV to catch the latest alternative hits? How about debating which music video you should buy with the remaining balance on your iTunes gift card? Anyone engaged in the 2000s scene knew how important music videos were to it. From artist discovery to the aesthetic, those […]

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Anyone who’s had any kind of scene phase is likely to look back on the 2000s fondly. With numerous hit alternative albums, including Paramore‘s Riot! and Yellowcard‘s Ocean Avenue, we were really blessed with some great music. Unfortunately, our nostalgia really only tends to gravitate toward a small number of the decade’s countless masterpieces. Don’t believe us? Dig up […]

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[Photos via YouTube] While the lawsuit between Yellowcard and Juice WRLD‘s estate is on pause again, it gives us time to really celebrate the late rapper in all of his talents. We’re still waiting on the many posthumous songs Juice WRLD has to be released into the world so for now, mashups and other cuts of his […]

In 2003, major scene bands were gaining popularity on the Warped Tour circuit. The musical mixture of emo, pop punk and punk was growing in both the mainstream and the underground. As some of the millennium’s biggest names in the alternative scene started changing their sound, younger musicians joined in with their own take on […]

Pop punk began to rapidly gain traction in the early 2000s, landing impressive spots on mainstream charts that propelled the success of the genre today. This transformative period uncovered legendary bands who produced albums that have stood the test of time. While it’s apparent that pop punk began a definitive era 20 years ago, it’s […]