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Artists can easily find themselves forced into a box, shaped by fan expectations or public assumptions about how they should sound. No matter how much some people want to break away from the norm, it’s difficult to escape from what made them big in the first place. That concern doesn’t apply to these artists, though. […]

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songs leaked by artists intentional music leaks

Hayley Williams made some serious waves on the internet last week with an unfounded promotional stunt. After days of dropping cryptic hints, the Paramore vocalist drove out to a fan’s house to hand-deliver a single from her upcoming solo album—and request it be leaked. Brazen, chaotic energy aside, this is hardly the first time an artist has cut […]

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All My Favorite Songs Weezer-min

Last week, Weezer dropped the major surprise that they have another new album on the way. Their latest release OK Human arrives on Friday, Jan. 29 and was recorded entirely in quarantine. Now, Weezer are previewing the surprise album with the orchestral new single “All My Favorite Songs.” For the track’s video, Weezer are reminding […]

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Best B-Sides of the '90s

Ever get into a conversation about a great song from the ’90s, only to be told it was never actually a single but a B-side instead? You’re flabbergasted and immediately begin pointing out that the band in question play the song live all the time, which is a clear indicator that if it wasn’t, at […]

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