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Being in a band ain’t easy. You’ve got many creative personalities in a massive tug of war. Oh yeah, then you have to live with each other and those decisions on the road for months on end. Lineup changes aren’t uncommon, though a vocalist switch-up has the possibility to be the most debilitating. Some bands […]

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We still don't get how this happens, but it does… and it's still great! Continue reading…

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We understand your skepticism completely. Yoga is a discipline that strives for the physical and mental well-being of its practicioners. It is the complete antithesis of hard rock and heavy metal, a music and culture that readily embraces headbanging and moshing. However, this APTV clip suggests that some forward-thinking metal artists can be used for […]

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[Photo by: Eric Antunes] Metal has always been an aggressive genre. However, over the past few years, people have discovered how many songs within the genre are suitable for yoga. Whether it’s droned-out doom metal, ambient black metal or progressive sounds kicking off a session, there are plenty of songs that are a perfect match […]