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hit like a girl 2021 drum contest

Public voting has opened for the 2021 Hit Like A Girl contest. Each year, the international contest returns to promote the visibility of female drummers and percussionists. Supporters can now cast votes for their favorite contestants. They can submit one vote per person per day through April 25 at 11:59 p.m. PST by logging in […]

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Anthony Mandler

“Nick Jonas Is On The Verge Of Something Awesome.” This was the headline when I reviewed the Jonas Brother’s self-titled solo album in 2014. My thought back then was that, buoyed by the falsetto-powered pop-R&B jam “Jealous,” Jonas was edging toward a truly fascinating career in pop music. In hindsight, I was extrapolating a lot from one endlessly listenable single — think of “Jealous” as a Muppet Babies version of Miguel’s “Adorn” — and trying to talk myself into the idea of Jonas as some kind of future pop auteur.

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“The great thing about being blind, for me, is that I don’t see color, but I do see the spirit. And if your spirit’s not right, I can just feel it,” Wonder tells Oprah in preview of upcoming show For more, check out: (Source)

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Curtis Waters is cheesing in a tuxedo. He’s fanning himself with money, and then he’s perched atop a cloud, making it rain. He thrusts his pelvis, flails with the grace of a drunken reveler, does a couple skeet-skeet hand gestures, launches into awkward jump-spins and barely sticks the landing. For now his jewelry is limited…

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