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Web: Contact: Often cited as the premiere music library for film and entertainment advertising, Brand X Music in the past year named    Alicia Richards as the company’s new Head of Creative Sync. As such, Richards oversees the sync department, development of the company’s catalog, and placements in films, TV, advertising and other content for an in-house library of over 8,000 tracks, 115 albums and 55 original songs. “I think the most challenging part of the job is always finding the exact right piece of music for what the client needs. It’s being able to understand what they’re looking […]

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Composer, performer and songwriter Jack Williams was a chef in Atlanta working part-time as a roadie when he landed his first big break—by knocking on ’60s folk icon Richie Havens’ hotel room door and handing him a cassette. It resulted in Havens inviting Williams to New York to be his opening act. Ever since, Williams has pursued opportunities and connections in similar bold fashion. “What’s been successful for me is I’m not afraid to reach out and talk to people,” says Williams. “If I see a show with my wife and love it, and I did this with the Netflix […]

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Figuring out what a film “needs” musically can be a challenge. But clues are hidden in the project’s setting, script, tone, characters––and it’s a music supervisor’s job to find them. As vice president of the Guild of Music Supervisors, Madonna Wade-Reed and her team advocate for music supervisors, offer resources for them to develop their skill sets, and work to spread the word that the profession––perhaps a lesser-known career within the entertainment industry––exists. “I want more people to know that the music supervisor should be brought into a project ASAP,” Wade-Reed says. “They can help with budget and figure out […]

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What do you do when you’re tasked with composing the music for an iconic video game that you’re also a huge fan of? For composer Edward Patrick White, he had to overcome the intimidation but also had the advantage of familiarity when working on Gears Tactics, a prequel to the Gears of War game set 12 years before the original. “Some of the game’s past composers are titans of music and film,” White says. “On the other hand, having a real personal history with the game, I was already very familiar with it when we were listening to all the […]

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