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But the band is in a much better place now. Continue reading…

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Hot Topic Mental Notes stream

Hot Topic has announced it will be partnering with Veeps to put on a virtual benefit for Mental Health America. The event will raise money in honor of World Mental Health Day. The concert, hosted by My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way, will kick off Oct. 10 at 3 p.m. EST. The event will be livestreamed […]

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billie eilish gym class heroes alternative songs in tv shows

Television is a great way to find new music and rediscover old songs. When artists are featured on TV show soundtracks, they are able to dive into a different medium. This grants them access to a whole new audience. With shows ranging from flirty rom-coms to haunting thrillers and everything in between, there are many […]

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 The Relentless, stars of the highly anticipated series and follow up to cult classic movie American Satan, Paradise City – coming to Amazon Prime on March 25th – have released a cover of Smashing Pumpkins classic hit “Disarm”  featuring the voice of Remington Leith of Palaye Royale. Paradise City, premieres March 25th, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. Set in Los Angeles, Paradise City chronicles the lives of rock star and frontman of The Relentless, Johnny Faust and a young rookie kid, Simon, who idolizes him as they collide through their broken homes built by the music business. The series was created by Ash Avildsen (Hit Parader/Sumerian Films), son of Academy Award winner John Avildsen (Rocky, The Karate Kid), and is loosely based on his own life and estranged relationship with his father. Watch the official trailer, which has clocked up a whopping 11.8 million views on YouTube, below. For more, go to: (Source)

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Yet another new adventure tied to 'The Bastards' album. Continue reading…

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If you’ve missed seeing Palaye Royale live over the last 10 months of the pandemic, then this is the most exciting hologram-related news since Tupac made a surprise appearance at Coachella in 2012. On Feb. 4, the band is launching their new Curse of Calypso augmented reality experience that brings their world into fans’

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sad album closers, against the current, the 1975, paramore, palaye royale

You know when an album is all fun and games, then the last track has you existential? What is it that makes artists want to leave us down and out? Maybe it’s the fact that we can’t simply say, “That was fun!” and move on. Sometimes, it might take a sad song to feel the […]

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Introducing Alister. Continue reading…

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Hayley Williams, Poppy, Waterparks, All Time Low

The start of the Rawring ’20s—a decade that we anticipated would be a glittering revival of the golden age of emo, complete with painfully skinny jeans and hanging out at the mall as part of a cultural tradition—hasn’t gone completely to plan. It’s hard to believe we had high hopes for this year back when […]

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