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best 90s albums front to back

Interestingly, some of our favorite albums ever recorded always seem to have one or two, if not more, tracks that we can just do without. The songs we hit the forward button on robotically, just as the one before it fades completely or comes to its triumphant cymbal-smashing final note. We have conversations about how […]

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When Radiohead released Kid A, it was such a bold departure from their sound that it stunned the world. Fueled by a disdain for making alternative-rock music and a nervous breakdown that loomed large over Thom Yorke’s mental state, Kid A was the antithesis of everything they’d accomplished up until that point. It was as […]

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Writer/director Judd Apatow accurately summed up college when he said: “College is the reward for surviving high school.” It’s true. The college experience proffers unprecedented freedom and a constant buzz of wonder—alive in every cup of ramen noodles and late-night study group. You may have left your teen angst in high school, but you’ve only […]

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