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Pop punk found new life in 2020. Young bands blossomed, while hip-hop and pop acts picked up guitars. Maybe you’re one of the many fans who rediscovered old favorites on social media. Possibly, Chase Hudson (aka LILHUDDY) acted as your power-chord gateway drug.  If so, welcome. There’s so much to see. And if you thought […]

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The #1 single in America is a pop-punk song. With “good 4 u,” Olivia Rodrigo has become the latest in a string of artists to venture into the resurgent genre. The track marks an important point in the style’s latest mainstream comeback: Now that the biggest pop star of the moment has released a pop-punk hit, without rebranding herself as a pop-punk artist, it’s safe to say that pop-punk is pop again. (Predictably, “good 4 u” is currently all over TikTok.)

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Pom Pom Squad by Shelby Keller

Olivia Rodrigo’s massive debut single “drivers license” prepared everyone for a debut album packed with pop songs that can easily break your heart. When Rodrigo unveiled the third single from her album Sour, “good 4 u,” it immediately foreshadowed another side of her music — a side with Avril Lavigne energy. The song (which just debuted at #1 on the Hot 100) has riffs, Rodrigo’s voice is sassy and cheeky, and the lyrics are looking for trouble. The verses continuously build up to an explosive chorus; it could be considered pop-punk.

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Ashrita Kumar on pop punk artists | Pinkshift interview

Back in February, Alternative Press hailed Pinkshift as one of 100 Artists You Need To Know. Now, vocalist Ashrita Kumar is expanding that list with 18 of her favorite emerging pop-punk-adjacent bands. It might not surprise you to learn that the Baltimore-based outfit’s influences are just as eclectic as their sound. In fact, Kumar is quick to note […]

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Pinkshift Mars Leigh Ann Rodgers-min

Baltimore-based band Pinkshift are redefining the pop-punk landscape with their debut EP Saccharine which dropped April 2. Over the past few months, Pinkshift have slowly released the songs that appear on the EP. Now, they have finally unleashed “Mars,” the final song off of the five-track release. Taking inspiration from ’90s grunge and early ’00s […]

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Leigh Ann Rodgers

Baltimore punks Pinkshift are back with a new single called “Mars,” continuing a run of explosive anthems that have gotten people’s attention. Those tracks are being compiled into an EP called Saccharine, which leads off with today’s new track.

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Self-described “Baltimore shit-stirrers” Pinkshift have released their debut EP Saccharine and it’s exactly the angsty, melodic-punk listeners have been anticipating. The EP features four previously released singles, “On Thin Ice,” “Toro,” “Rainwalk,” and their most popular tune, “I’m Gonna Tell My Therapist On You.” In conjunction with Saccharine’s release, Pinkshift shared a re-recorded version of “Mars,” a song…

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Scottish alternative bands | New alternative artists from Scotland

Between the likes of Snow Patrol, Biffy Clyro and beyond, Scotland set some solid roots in the ’90s mainstream alternative explosion. Don’t mistake its prominence in the music scene as a thing of the past, though. The country has been churning out new powerhouse bands well into the modern era. Though relatively small compared to other alternative hubs such as the […]

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