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Max Beck

About halfway into last night’s stop on the $uicideboy$’ Grey Day tour — after Ramirez, before Night Lovell — the Richmond crowd started up a chant: “Suck my dick! Suck my dick!” Men chanted it. Women chanted it. Children probably chanted it. As far as I could tell, nothing in particular set the chant off. The massive crowd wasn’t mad at any one person. It wasn’t visibly horny, either. Instead, this was just a few thousand motherfuckers excited to be out on a warm night, yelling cusswords into the night. It was that kind of party.

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Gino Vinatieri

There’s a moment on TY4FWM, the new album from the Oakland rapper ALLBLACK, where ALLBLACK says some stuff that sounds like a vulnerable confession: “Off these uppers, 3AM, swervin’ lane to lane/ Been up fivе days, don’t fuck with goin’ to sleep, I’m too afraid.” The song in question, “War Stories,” is a team-up with the hardbitten Sacramento rap veteran Mozzy and with the surging Detroit underground star Peezy, and from all that information, you might expect this to be a bleak slice of reality-rap. And “War Stories” is that, at least to an extent. It’s a group venting session about living in a world where a young Black man’s life is not valued. But that’s not the tone. ALLBLACK isn’t confessing anything. He’s talking shit. He’s celebrating his own dangerous hedonism. At the end of his verse, ALLBLACK says that, on his next birthday, he’s putting a bomb inside his own cake.

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[Photo via Spotify] Florida artist Ghostemane cannot be pigeonholed into one genre. The musician is well-known for his rap skills fused with metal elements. Recently, he shared a new EP from his black metal side project Baader-Meinhof. The new self-titled EP out via Blackmage Records features three original songs entitled “Evil Lives,” “Stuck In The […]

Sada Baby does not come from a vacuum. This year, nobody in rap music has been bringing me as much joy as the voluminously beaded, imaginatively bloodthirsty Detroit dance machine Sada Baby, a man who has cranked out giddy drug-sales fever dreams at a baffling rate. Right now, Sada Baby is on one of the […]