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Alyse Vellturo released her impressively polished debut album as Pronoun, I’ll Show Your Stronger, back in 2019. Today, she’s announcing her first new project since then: an EP called OMG I MADE IT, whose all-caps title hints at the sort of bombast you should expect. Lead single “I WANNA DIE BUT I CAN’T (CUZ I GOTTA KEEP LIVING)” is a chiming anthem that lands somewhere between Springsteen and Tegan And Sara, booming and worthy of its life-affirming name. Here’s Vellturo on the track:

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Jetty Bones Push Back debut LP Rise Records

Jetty Bones’ music is marked by contradiction. The vehicle of Kelc Galluzzo, Jetty Bones makes songs that are saturated with a complex mixture of pain and hope.  Galluzzo’s debut album, Push Back, out Feb. 26 via Rise Records, is a signature exercise in contrasts. In many senses, songs such as “That’s All” and “Taking Up […]

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capitol building, washington dc

What was supposed to be a peaceful transition of power this morning in Washington D.C. was anything but. Ahead of the Electoral College certification process, lame-duck President Donald Trump held a “Stop The Steal” rally where he fanned the flames of allegations of a fraudulent election. These Trump supporters, white supremacist groups and militia groups, […]

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