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[Photo by Josh Sorenson/Pexels] Live Nation now has another lawsuit on its hands, in addition to a recent litigation regarding Rage Against The Machine tickets. Now, the company, as well as Ticketmaster, StubHub and every team in Major League Baseball are being sued over ticket refunds.  The lawsuit has two plaintiffs. One is a New […]

[Photo via Pexels] Ticketmaster made the call, and have decided to offer refunds for postponed shows. Following weeks of public shaming and outcry, the ticket-buying platform is following in AEG‘s footsteps and attempting to offer refund opportunities once shows are rescheduled.  Last week, AEG made headlines for allowing a 30-day window once shows are rescheduled […]

[Photo via Unsplash/Luuk-Wouters] If you’ve been following along with the recent backlash being hurled against ticket buying platforms, you know that consumers are very upset. Well, AEG is attempting to assuage the concerns of customers as best they can.  AEG is offering a 30-day ticket refund window for all rescheduled shows, starting May 1.  Read […]

[Photo by m/Unsplash] Ticketmaster has now issued a statement regarding the recent outcry from consumers over its refund policy. The statement has already angered many users of the service. Customers claim they should be refunded for a service they haven’t received.  The new statement, addressed to the United States and Canada, can be summed up […]

[Photo via Unsplash] After significant outcry, Ticketmaster UK have amended their refund policies regarding events being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Originally, the ticket broker was offering complete refunds for canceled events. But if the festival was postponed or rescheduled to another date, the company would only offer holders the chance to resell their tickets […]