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Aristos Marcopoulos

Industry rule #4080 strikes again. Last week, Royalty Exchange, an online platform for selling royalty assets, announced that it would auction off 1.5% of the sound recording royalties for the first five studio albums from rap legends a Tribe Called Quest. The idea, according to a press release, was that the buyer of those royalties would “earn money every time the songs in question are streamed, played on the radio, sold physically, sampled, or appear in TV/film/commercial placements. Once again, the seller will get a cut each time the asset is sold down the line, making it a rare win-win for both parties involved.” It looks like it wasn’t really a win-win, though.

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Demand for music royalties has reached an all-time high among investors seeking alternatives to public markets and low-returns. To help creators, songwriters, performers, and other rightsholders better take advantage of this unprecedented “gold rush” for music catalogs, Royalty Exchange has introduced an expansion of its online marketplace, called The eXchange. The eXchange combines two of Royalty Exchange’s most popular features into one powerful platform that focuses the demand of the more than 27,000 registered investors into one destination. This includes: The popular Secondary Market, where investors relist catalogs acquired on Royalty Exchange to investors. The newly added Direct Listings, where […]

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