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We know you already have a closet filled with Vans, so you’re probably itching to grab yourself a pair from their forthcoming punk-themed collab inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s iconic designs. From the brand’s debut logo in 1976 on The Vans #95 (now known as The Era) to keeping up to date with recent trends, Vans […]

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It’s hard to believe its been over a decade since Kelly embarked on her iconic mission to buy some shoes. Now, Kelly, portrayed by comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan, is back. This time around, however, shoes are the last thing on Kelly’s mind. Instead, Kelly wants everyone to mask up amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read more: […]

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[photo via Unsplash] As many companies are showing their solidarity to the Black Lives Matter protests through donations, Vans are joining in with a pledge to put their money towards the movement. Yesterday, the footwear company released a statement taking a stance with the black community while putting $200,000 collectively towards social justice organizations. Read More: See Machine Gun […]

[Photo via Nike] Nike is getting creative with the launch of a new pair of sneakers by partnering up with Ben & Jerry’s for a new collaboration. The new Nike SB Dunk Lows are seeing the two companies pairing up with incredible packaging featuring the shoes in a mega-sized pint of the Ice Cream while the shoes actually […]

[photo via Unsplash] Vans have been doing a lot of work to support frontline workers amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and now they’re back with a new offer for a lucky winner who will win a lifetime supply of their shoes for themselves and a frontline worker. The company is hosting a contest where you can send in […]

[Photo courtesy of Vans] While Vans are putting materials from their distribution lines towards helping develop protective equipment for frontline workers, the company are still busy putting together new footwear and their latest drop is featuring a sleek looking checkerboard design. The company is revealing a new line of shoes sporting a washed-out look over three different […]

[Photo by Harry Hundal / Unsplash] Vans have been staying active through providing new footwear and supporting people and independent businesses through the coronavirus pandemic and the company is stepping up once again with a new initiative to shift some of their focus away from making shoes to manufacturing protective equipment for frontline workers. The company is revealing […]

[photo via Unsplash] Vans is continuing their quest to be the good guy. They’ve recently launched a ton of new shoe lines, including their Autism Awareness collection, milk tea-inspired Old Skools and the “I Heart” collection. Now, the iconic shoe brand started the “Foot The Bill” initiative where all net proceeds will go to small […]

[Photo by Mnz on Unsplash] Vans has once again partnered with BILLY’s TOKYO for three new OG Sk8-Hi LX’s. The three new kicks come with different pairings of three colors being, red, blue and orange, yellow, brown and blue and black, navy and tan. Vans is currently on a roll of launching sick new shoes […]