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[Photo via Edward Xu/Unsplash] As parts of the economy continue reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, Nashville is allowing bars to do a soft reopening for concerts with some restrictions. The city is entering Phase 2 of their reopening plan this week including restaurants and retailers at 75 percent capacity, bars hosting concerts with no more than […]

[Photo via Production Club] While people have been looking at when concerts are going to return through the coronavirus pandemic, a California design firm has come up with an idea for a protective suit people could wear at shows. The high-tech protective suit crafted by Production Club is dubbed the “Micrashell” and is designed specifically with concert-goers […]

[Photo via Sumerian Records/YouTube] We’re beyond stoked to see the upcoming American Satan followup series Paradise City and now Sumerian Records is revealing the band name and members involved with Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe‘s band in the show. According to an Instagram post from the record label, Blythe’s band is called Over It All featuring members of Animals As Leaders and Sworn Enemy plus, they’re […]

[Photo by Johannes Havn/Pexels] Live Nation is ready to start testing a number of different ideas in a way to get some form of live music happening this summer. With the coronavirus having halted all sorts of public gatherings, the promoter and Ticketmaster owner is planning to experiment with crowdless shows, drive-ins and reduced capacity […]

[Photo via Kevin Laminto/Unsplash] While we’ve all been practicing social distancing, we can’t help but daydream about all of the things we’re looking forward to doing once we’re able to go out. Because we’re music obsessed by nature, many of the activities we’re looking forward to doing involve music.  To spark some inspiration for you, we’ve […]