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Limon Limon ” Hot Pink Tiger “ Jason and Rand who perform under the name Limon Limon ( one of our favorite musical duos ) are back with a new single Hot Pink Tiger. The song tells the story of ” a surreal midnight reverie, where fantasy turns into impossible reality ” The song has a soft tropical sound to it with layered synths and of course the impeccable vocals the duo always provide. Hot Pink Tiger is great for your end of summer playlist and will be there when you need a break from the upcoming dark winter. Shuffalo ” Whispers “ Canadians Shuffalo has released their newest song, Whispers, inspired by summer nights, it reminds us that without darkness there is no light. The new single will also get you up and moving with its infectious beat of pounding drums, spikey synths, and funky guitars. Millennial Club ” like I do “ Who is ready for a bit of love? That is what we get with like i do by SoCal based The Millennial Club. The song deals with getting the courage to tell someone you have a crush on them when they have friend-zoned you and is […] For more, go to: (Source)