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Ridiculous music videos Funny alternative music videos

If there’s anything the alternative music community knows how to do, it’s goofing off. Seriously, just try to name a realm of genres better aligned with Razor scooters, stage pranks and off-the-wall music videos. While every day might as well be National Goof Off Day in our zany counterculture, March 22 gives us an opportunity to reflect […]

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Musicians with multiple bands successful alternative side projects

No lie, as exciting as it is when our favorite musicians take on new projects, it’s always a little disconcerting. After all, we have to wonder if they’re going to live up to the greatness we’ve come to expect. That said, a number of alternative artists have already proved that success doesn’t have to be a […]

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New bands of scene artists | Alternative side projects

We may be a good decade out from the height of the scene heyday, but that doesn’t mean our favorite artists are anywhere past their prime. In fact, a good number of them have been extending their talents by forming new bands and side projects. Unless they’re getting broad recognition like Simple Creatures, however, these […]

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bands that started as cover groups former tribute acts

Picturing our favorite bands in their fledgling stages is no easy task. But imagining them devoid of any original music and instead performing cover songs? That’s straight-up impossible. Remarkably, it’s not all that rare for now-iconic artists to reveal that they’d formerly performed as a tribute act. After all, what better way to get a […]

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Simple Creatures, Meet Me @ The Altar, iDKHOW, Nirvana

It’s incredibly refreshing to hear that your favorite band member with the angelic voice is just like you. Sometimes, it takes a little reminder for us to remember what lies beneath the cape we envision on the people who make our favorite songs. It takes a reminder to realize artists are just like us.  These […]

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We The Kings Gym Class Heroes Cobra Starship Paramore Band Name Quiz

Do you ever get a pang of excitement when you see the name of your favorite band pop up? Be it on Spotify, Instagram or the Rock Band catalog, we’re positively conditioned to jump at a familiar name. It’s crazy to think that these monikers we’ve come to know were once just loose ideas. We can’t […]

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He says it's 'absolutely' going to happen. Continue reading…

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All Time Low‘s Alex Gaskarth is known for sharing his opinions on the internet. Now, the frontman is revealing which band he thinks “might be one of the best bands of all time” and no, it’s not blink-182. Read more: H.E.R. is making history with her new signature Fender Stratocaster All Time Low have worked […]

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Side projects have the special ability to give artists the chance to express themselves in whatever manner they choose without snobby genre lords or the (sometimes self-imposed) shackles of their previous works confining their sonic decisions. Sometimes these new bands go in an intentionally more mainstream direction, while other times the word “commercial” is never […]

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[Photo via YouTube] Prepare to feel old because blink-182’s Enema Of The State turns 21 years old today. The band’s third album with the iconic nurse on the cover contained some fan favorites, including “Adam’s Song,” “What’s My Age Again?” and “All The Small Things.” The latter featured the vocal stylings of both Tom DeLonge […]