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My name is Sandra Booker. You have probably never heard of me. I am not famous. I have never been signed to a major recording deal. I have never toured with a major artist or band. I have never had a manager or agent (until very recently). I was never the first (or second or 50th) call for studio sessions in Los Angeles or New York. I have never taught music at the university level. I never met the so-called right people and the ones I thought were the right people, usually turned out to be the exact opposite. I […]

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A veteran sound engineer’s hard-won expertise, found in his new book “First 50 Recording Techniques You Shoud Know To Track Music” will help you to nail those high-impact vocal tracks. Vocal Mic Choice OVERVIEW: The microphone is the singer’s connection to the audience, whether in person or on recorded media—it’s a very important consideration! The mic that’s used to track a vocalist can make a big difference in the quality of the vocal performance, for some reasons you may or may not guess. CHALLENGE: When tracking vocals, there are so many important variables. The quality of the mic is important, but […]

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On January 23, at 10am CT, Focusrite’s John DiNicola and Founder of Ramsey Voice Studio, Matt Ramsey will host a livestream vocal clinic: “3 Natural Vocal Effects to Master Before You Record (even if you don’t have a mike yet).” Topics covered will include: The secret to getting a rich, warm vocal recording How to sing higher notes without straining The 3 most important vocal effects to master before your next recording JOHN DINICOLA, PRODUCT SPECIALIST John DiNicola is a Focusrite Novation Field Trainer // Product Specialist based out of New York City, supporting the brands both in the field […]

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Why you do a warm-up before the physical exercise? Well, it prepares your muscles for the upcoming strain and prevents any injury. Singing is also a vocal exercise. Your vocal cords and soft tissues do precision movements during singing. These body parts are delicate and need the utmost care. Thus it would be best if you do a warm-up before starting to sing every time. Warming up before singing is recommended in every form of music. Warming up voice exercises in Indian classical music is called Aakar. We are listing here the 7 most important advantages of vocal warm-up exercises […]

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