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2000s vocalists received an enormous amount of attention compared to the rest of their bandmates. It’s no surprise, really. In a scene characterized by edge, these frontmen and women drove their bands’ unique personalities. That’s not to say that they were all distinct. In fact, the era saw notable homogeneity in vocal style, even among more […]

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It’s easy to mistake the foundations of pop punk as being laid in the 2000s. After all, that’s when the mainstream radio takeover of the genre occurred. As it turns out, though, we really have the ’90s to thank for our favorite artists and albums.  With the meteoric rise of bands such as Nirvana and […]

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Tom DeLonge, the face and leading voice of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, the Angels & Airwaves frontman and a former blink-182 cornerstone, has the ability to write lyrics that feel both personal and universal. Featuring mysterious space imagery, these lyrics from different points in his creative career invite listeners to explore […]

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