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After playing bass on Slint’s 1989 debut album Tweez, Ethan Buckler left the band to form the dance-funk project King Kong, whose early recordings heavily featured former Slint members. That includes King Kong’s 1991 debut album Old Man On The Bridge, which popped up in a surprising context Monday night: Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

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Already evolved from its origins yet not as crystalized as the 2000s wave in its sound, post-hardcore in the ’90s was a special kind of life form. These guitar intros will help you find your way into this unique decade for the genre. Check them out below. Read more: Joey Santiago still likes the idea […]

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The Decemberists leader Colin Meloy has released a lovely new song called “Slint, Spiderland.” He wrote it for the Morning Edition Song Project, for which NPR is asking musicians “to capture life in the era of COVID-19 by writing an original song that describes this turbulent moment.” Meloy’s song, an acoustic ballad that reminds me…

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There’s something bold and brazen about the culture of the “punk lifer.” No cubicle farm could ever hold them. And they’ve spent more on tats and piercings than they have utility bills. With no fixed address, their only roots are in the scene. Fortunately for him, that life wasn’t good enough for Prince Terrence.  It’s […]

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Here’s another one for the remote quarantine duet file. Will Oldham, mysterious and beloved Kentucky gentleman, goes way back with Dave Pajo, the guitar wizard best-known for his time in the world-creating post-hardcore band Slint. (Pajo has also put out a lot of solo records as Papa M and spent time as a touring member […]