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Small Calamities

Small Calamities have released a new single and accompanying video for “Waste My Time” The new song will be featured on the band’s forthcoming album MOMENTS OF IMPACT, due out April 9, 2021.  On the new single, lead vocalist CharlieWolf shares, “I was thinking about how sometimes people get older without really maturing or learning which led to this song – ‘I’m not getting any older, I’m just getting old.’ Marcos Mena of the band standards is a friend of a friend and played some of the guitar parts on this which was super cool.” A whirlwind of punk rock angst, power-pop hooks, heartland sincerity, and Americana jangle, The Small Calamities started in 2015 as the brainchild of LA songwriter/producer Charlie Wolf. His lyrics blend wry humor, Springsteen-esque imagery, and naked earnestness to create what reviewers have called “imagery-laden anecdotes”, “poison-tipped confessionals”, and “summertime road-trip melancholy.” Rounded out by Christian Kalafut’s melodic driving basslines and Hayden Parker’s booming drum beats, the band have all dedicated embarrassing amounts of time to studying the pop hook. It’s that devotion that’s given them an uncanny knack for creating impossibly catchy earworms out of everything from uptempo skate punk to somber piano ballads.  MOMENTS OF IMPACT trades in their previous LPs walls of synths for more intricate guitar work, lush harmonies, and soaring […] For more, go to: (Source)