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Static Cycle have released their latest single “Stay”, a deep and raw song very personal to front man Jared Navarre. “Stay” was written for Ian, the son of Navarre’s best friend, who tragically passed away suddenly at a young age whilst in gym class. On the night of Ian’s wake, his dad said to Jared, “I don’t care when, what it’s about, or if you ever release it…but will you please write a song for Ian?” After years of struggling to write it, the song is finally complete.   While discussing the idea of a video with Ian’s dad, Static Cycle came up with an idea to use Ian’s story and song to promote unity and healing through a shared sense of grief. Over the summer, they asked fans to stand holding a handwritten sign with the name of a person they lost and what they miss most about that person and have stitched those short video clips together to make the video for “Stay.” Sadly, the video now features the addition of Jared himself holding a sign for his mom, who passed away just this week. “In these very divided times, I think we all as humans can unite through the value of life and what it feels like to […] For more, go to: (Source)

Static Cycle has unveiled a brand new single today.“Bread and Circus”is anthemic and showcases the band’s pop influences through their modern rock twist while sharing a very important message. “A Roman poet coined the phrase ‘bread and circuses to represent political powers using food and games to divert the people’s attention,” shares Navarre on the timely track. “Our version is an introspective look at how we give those around us a facade of reality to prevent them from truly knowing us.” Bread & Circus is the band’s first track that takes a sonic departure from hard rock. “We wanted the record to be more eclectic than a standard hard rock album so we worked with a variety of producers that have crafted songs across genres,” Navarro continues. To make this shift, Static Cycle enlisted the help ofproducerJohn Fields(Jonas Brothers, Switchfoot, Pink, Har Mar Superstar, Miley Cyrus, Drake Bell, AndrewW.K., Busted, and Demi Lovato) For more, go to: (Source)