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Gene Simmons Paul Stanley

All of the way back in 2014, Gene Simmons sparked a massive debate when he said that rock music is dead. Over the past few weeks, the KISS co-vocalist and bassist has brought back up his controversial claims and caught the attention of many including Alice Cooper. Now, Simmons‘ KISS bandmate Paul Stanley is weighing […]

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Best opening tracks on scene albums Alternative music hits

In a culture driven by instant gratification, it’s important to start off on the right foot when putting out content. This of course doubles for music, especially now that streaming services put a seemingly endless number of albums at our fingertips. Fortunately for the alternative music scene, starting off strong has been a long-set precedent. […]

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Both releases were previously only available on YouTube.
Death Grips’ Gmail and the Restraining Orders EP, “More Than the Fairy” Finally Added to Spotify, Apple: Stream
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It’s finally time for Spotify users to see their year-end numbers as the streaming service unveils their yearly personalized Spotify Wrapped lists. It’s been a strange time with the coronavirus pandemic keeping everyone at home but now you’ll be able to reflect on what’s kept you busy throughout the year. Read more: Spotify’s top streamed artists and songs of […]

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[Photo via YouTube] For those that are still quarantining at home, you may be finding yourself running out of things to binge-watch on streaming services. Lucky for you, Amazon Prime has a long list of titles heading to its service in June. Now, you’ll be able to watch even more new television shows and movies […]

[Photo via Netflix/YouTube] Netflix is facing a libel suit from The GEO Group over Messiah allegedly linking an I.C.E. contractor to poor conditions at immigrant detention facilities. Even though the Netflix thriller describes the series as not based on actual events, the private contractor organization is claiming it portrays their facilities in a negative and false […]

[Photo via Netflix/YouTube] If you’ve been wanting more Tiger King content, you’re in luck because Netflix is putting together more episodes according to Joe Exotic employee John Reinke. In an interview with The Mirror, Reinke confirms that there’s a ton of unseen footage and the streaming service has reached out to him about featuring him in future episodes. Read More: See a […]

[Photo via YouTube] Back in April, Love, Simon fans got their first taste of the Hulu spinoff series Love, Victor in a first look video. Now, Hulu has released the first official trailer for Love, Victor which premieres on the streaming service this summer. The spinoff series takes place within the Love, Simon universe. It […]

[Photo by: Ashley Osborn] Released back in 2016, 13 Voices marked Sum 41‘s return to music after nearly five years. The album which features songs including “Fake My Own Death” and “War,” went on to debut at no. 9 on the Billboard Top Albums chart. Now, with the help of Hopeless Records, Sum 41 are […]

[Photo by: Glenn Carstens-Peters/Unsplash] Netflix is announcing they’re going to be deactivating all accounts which haven’t been used in over a year. The streaming service says they’re asking customers who haven’t streamed anything in 12 months since subscribing whether they would like to keep their membership. Read More: Frank Iero explains why an unused prop from […]