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In the year 2021, being a bona-fide “grownup” has never looked more disjointed. Some 30-somethings are married with mortgages and kids. Others, not so much. If you’re in the latter camp, you definitely aren’t alone (thanks to two recessions and a pandemic), but that doesn’t mean you won’t spin out about where you “should” be from time to time. This strain of millennial existentialism is plenty familiar to lo-fi troubadour Colleen Green — in fact, she released an entire album on the subject in 2015, aptly titled I Want To Grow Up. Six years later, Green is still trying to figure out what adulthood looks like to her, but she’s a lot more at peace with the process. That brings us to her latest work, Cool, out today, which she calls a “natural progression” from its predecessor.

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1998 really wasn’t that long ago, but after saying the number 2021 out loud, it feels like it happened during another lifetime. To put things in perspective, Billie Eilish was born three years after 1998, and, hell, even FINNEAS was born the year before. Despite the fact that said year was toward the end of […]

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The foundation of the alternative-rock scene had already been leavened by the late ’80s. The boundaries between the underground and the mainstream started to fragment thanks to Nirvana‘s success. Sadly, that band came to a tragic end before the halfway point of the decade. Fortunately, there were many great bands from the late-’90s moving things […]

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In the wake of grunge and just before Linkin Park reanimated the next decade, these 20 bands dominated the late ’90s and made their respective marks on rock ’n’ roll from 1995-1999. With the exception of a few, most of the acts listed here still play shows today. Read more: 1. 311 Let’s start this […]