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We’ve all had those moments where our Spotify feels like it’s been in a rut lately, and that Discover Weekly playlist just isn’t cutting it. It’s then that we find ourselves digging a little deeper in search of those bands that we like to call the “hidden gems.” The ones that deserve way more attention […]

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In an industry dominated by men, several women and LGBTQIA+-owned record labels have started taking over the music scene. Whether they emerged from the riot grrrl movement of the ’90s or were recently founded, their existence is nothing short of important in heightening representation in music. They are challenging the status quo and, in doing […]

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The Los Angeles rock band Suzie True are releasing their debut album, Saddest Girl At The Party, next month. A few weeks back, we posted about “Bailey” from it and today they’re back with another track, “Carmen,” which gets its name from the video game character Carmen Sandiego. It’s a lot of fun,…

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Los Angeles trio Suzie True released their debut EP, Nothing To You, a couple years ago, and they’ve landed at the great Philly-based label Get Better Records, which is putting out their first full-length album, Saddest Girl At The Party, at the end of November. Today, they’re sharing a new single called “Bailey,”

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