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You would think television (the medium, as opposed to Television, the band) and punk rock were a match made in heaven. After all, the music and culture are sharp, edgy and visually arresting. This should have made punk flawless televisual fodder, right? Truthfully, punk and TV collisions have more often resulted in mutual incomprehension and […]

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On Jan. 11, FX announced it’d ordered a six-episode limited series about British punk spark plug the Sex Pistols. Titled Pistol, the show will be based on guitarist Steve Jones’ 2016 autobiography Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol, relating the catalytic events of the band’s history and the scene they largely ignited from Jones’ […]

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Ronald George Mizrahi—born in Cairo, Egypt on Valentine’s Day, 1951—died Wednesday, losing a battle with cancer. He was 69. You knew him as Sylvain Sylvain, or Syl Sylvain, the corkscrew-haired guitarist bopping at stage right in vintage videos of punk-rock architects the New York Dolls. “As most of you know, Sylvain battled cancer for the […]

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