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Significant band lineup changes Artists in multiple bands

Band lineup changes are hardly a rarity in the music scene. Between creative differences, life events and personal fallouts, it’s pretty common for at least one member to go in a different direction over the course of an outfit’s tenure. And that, of course, leaves a significant void to be filled. How a band decide […]

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Early band member contributions Alternative band lineup changes

While some bands have miraculously played for decades without a lineup change, most have had to replace a member or two throughout their tenure. We see it all the time, though it’s not always as staggering as, say, Matt Skiba stepping into a Tom DeLonge-shaped void. Often, it marks a natural progression for people who had […]

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Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure Heathers Rushmore Closer Movie Quotes Song Titles Film References

The best thing about pop culture is how often its elements transcend their original scopes and mediums, offering an instant sense of connection to wherever they appear. Be it your favorite movie, show or even song, it’s always cool to see it appreciated.  This phenomenon is largely present in music, with bands referencing film, TV […]

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up-and-coming rising australian bands artists pop-punk

The Down Under is giving rise to some of the most prominent artists of the modern pop-punk scene. With bands such as With Confidence, Tonight Alive and Trophy Eyes, the catalytic contributions of Australia can’t be understated. As is the case in all notable scenes, though, the underground runs deep. And with seemingly endless music coming […]

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On Aug. 3, Four Chord Music Festival announced that its upcoming 2020 event has been postponed until 2021. Despite this setback due to coronavirus, however, blink-182 and the Used are still headlining the 2021 festival. Along with the headliners, all of the acts scheduled to perform at this year’s Four Chord Music Festival are returning […]

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Acclaimed producer Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) and artist Brandon Zano were feeling the pandemic depression hard. So they wrote “It’s Gonna Be OK,” a melodic mantra that aims to calm people coping with what may be the world’s “new normal.” The duo invited members of the Ataris, Kill Hannah and Filter among […]

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[Photos via Forgive Durden/Spotify, Gatsbys American Dream/Spotify, My American Heart/Spotify, Home Grown/Spotify] As 1999 came to a close, boy bands and nü-metal acts were at the top of the charts. Trends in mainstream culture changed the following century, as pop punk, screamo and other Warped Tour acts smashed through the charts. Which band do you […]

In 2003, major scene bands were gaining popularity on the Warped Tour circuit. The musical mixture of emo, pop punk and punk was growing in both the mainstream and the underground. As some of the millennium’s biggest names in the alternative scene started changing their sound, younger musicians joined in with their own take on […]