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September 1963: A young R&B combo called the Rolling Stones are rehearsing, preparing for a recording session. Their manager, former Beatles publicist Andrew Loog Oldham, was tearing his hair out. They were about to record their second single, a follow-up to their modestly successful remake of Chuck Berry’s “Come On.” But they had one problem: […]

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Anita Lane, who co-wrote songs with Nick Cave for the Bad Seeds and the Birthday Party, has died at 61, as Rolling Stone reports.

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Post-punk had to happen. Punk rock opened all this space for people to make exactly the kind of art or culture that the disenfranchised had been imagining in their heads, and maybe had limited means or skills by which to make it. But what if you didn’t want to crank out recharged three-chord rock ’n’ […]

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Singer reflects on his time in the Birthday Party, the Bad Seeds, and Grinderman in retrospective folio, which complements a museum exhibition about his life For more, check out: (Source)

4AD turned 40 last year and, in a bit of a delayed celebration, the label has just announced that next month they’re releasing a covers compilation called Bills & Aches & Blues. It features 18 artists that are currently on their roster covering songs from 4AD’s storied history. Contributors include the Breeders, Bradford Cox, Big Thief, Jenny Hval, Bing And Ruth, Future Islands, and more. The whole compilation will be available 4/2 but every week until then 4AD will share a segment of the songs that are on it.

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Pleasure Venom hail from Austin, Texas, with social and sonic attitude to burn. Fronted by vocalist Audrey Campbell, the quartet have created a fascinating amalgam of hard-rock riffing and jagged treble attacks. Those sharp edges are capable of puncturing anybody’s jaded sensibilities or preconceived notions of what constitutes “heavy.”  In their five-year existence, Pleasure Venom […]

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We’re pretty sure you’ve heard the old aphorism: “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” It’s a statement that’s always been universally prescient. However, it might not apply to these choice punk albums from 1982. This APTV video revisits that awesome year for some groundbreaking releases. If anybody really wants to […]

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[embedded content] Welcome to our look-back video at some of the best 1981 punk albums. While the foundation of punk rock was already in place by the late Seventies, there were still possibilities to be explored. We’re still thanking all the deities for that. Historically speaking, the Eighties have been frequently referred to as “the […]

[Photo via YouTube] The Manchester-based quartet the 1975 are one of the most eclectic pop bands in recent memory. They’ve explored thrasher punk (“People”), four-on-the-floor pop (“The Sound”), SoundCloud rap (“I Like America & America Likes Me”) and emo (“Sex”). It comes as no surprise then that their music videos reflect this hybridized approach to […]

[Photo via Spotify] Welcome to the top punk albums of 1982. Ronald Reagan‘s been president for a year. His distaff British stunt double Margaret Thatcher‘s been prime minister a few years longer. Between the two of them cutting the legs out of their respective nation’s economies and eroding freedoms, punk had plenty of grist for […]