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For nearly two endless pandemic years, Jordan Olds’ great video series Two Minutes To Late Night has been providing brief and necessary jolts of fun, rounding up heavy-music heavyweights to pay tribute to the songs of the past. Where 2M2LN was once a weekly deal, it’s more of a special-occasions deal these days. On Black Friday, for instance, the series saluted Metallica’s “Blackened.” And two days ago, on Christmas, Jordan Olds naturally posted a video of himself singing King Diamond’s “Halloween.”

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It was a festive holiday for rockers. Continue reading…

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In the music world, everybody has to start somewhere. While a producer’s early albums are their proving ground for a bright future in the field, they also need luck on their side to find a successful band and a scene-changing album to springboard the rest of their career into the stratosphere. From legendary production masters […]

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Horror movies bring out some truly captivating stories, whether it’s through the plotline or just the characters themselves. The genre has been influential in so many different aspects of our society, and music is no exception, with tons of artists writing direct tributes to the scary films that have been heavily integrated in our minds.  […]

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As cannabis continues to become more widely accepted and legalized medically and recreationally across North America, bands are taking advantage of the opportunity for new merch items. Whether it’s branded pipes, grinders, rolling papers, stash jars or even flower, there’s an endless amount of options for artists to explore within the cannabis industry.  Check out […]

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