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Significant band lineup changes Artists in multiple bands

Band lineup changes are hardly a rarity in the music scene. Between creative differences, life events and personal fallouts, it’s pretty common for at least one member to go in a different direction over the course of an outfit’s tenure. And that, of course, leaves a significant void to be filled. How a band decide […]

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Active scene bands modern alternative artists

The further we get into our scene “phases,” the more we understand the concept of “love and loss” as it pertains to music. Over the years, we’ve lost a number of our favorite bands to breakups and significant genre changes. Fortunately, though, there are still a number who have stayed active and alternative. While it’s easy to […]

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machine gun kelly yungblud pop punk band covers

YouTube‘s Alex Melton is back at it with another entertaining pop-punk cover. This time around, Melton is letting you all know what it would sound like if Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD and Travis Barker‘s “I Think I’m OKAY” was covered by your favorite pop-punk bands. With 11 different covers in total, Melton channels blink-182, Real […]

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Boston Manor 5 Seconds Of Summer Meet Me @ The Altar Lil Peep

Snow on the ground and colder weather may signify the end of the year for many, but for music fans, nothing highlights the closing of each year better than the Spotify Wrapped feature. And while we all love seeing how much we listened to our favorite artists, those artists might just love it even more. Spotify‘s […]

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up-and-coming rising australian bands artists pop-punk

The Down Under is giving rise to some of the most prominent artists of the modern pop-punk scene. With bands such as With Confidence, Tonight Alive and Trophy Eyes, the catalytic contributions of Australia can’t be understated. As is the case in all notable scenes, though, the underground runs deep. And with seemingly endless music coming […]

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When Have Mercy announced their final tour on Instagram this past December, no one could have imagined the events that would lead to them canceling their run in mid-March. Brian Swindle remains optimistic, however, that everything’s going to be all right—and his first release as a solo artist serves as the perfect testament to that.  […]

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Being in a band is like being in a relationship, and many times, that means messy breakups and unsatisfying endings. But on some occasions (usually after a few years), some acts are able to put aside their differences and get back together, either for an epic one-off show or a full-blown reunion. We’ve decided to […]

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Genre is a peculiar thing. We often recognize elements of our favorites when we hear them, drawing comparisons to notable artists of their respective scenes. And what’s better than when our ideal styles intersect to form something that’s unique, albeit beautifully reminiscent of its roots? In celebrating the art of “genre-bending,” we’ve gone ahead and […]

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After nearly 13 years spent signed with Hopeless Records, the Dangerous Summer parted ways with the label to pursue their own independent ventures. Following their 2019 album, Mother Nature, the group have continued to focus on connecting with fans and creating music on their own terms. Now, as the Dangerous Summer embark through uncharted territory […]

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