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The Hideaways

Bristol UK’s The Hideaways have teamed up with indie-rock duo Tiny Dyno on their new single titled Soho Bedroom Party. The collaboration began in December 2020 when Tiny Dyno began a rework of the song. “It was intended to be a remix but I’m too much of a pop fiend to endlessly loop intros and middle eights,” remarked the track’s producer and Tiny Dyno guitarist Tom Kuras, “it quickly became apparent that this was something different for both bands”.  The single opens with a rush of rumbling bass and disco-rock drums. The sparse instrumentation continues as The Hideaways frontman Danny Pugh asserts “Tomorrow we’ll be astronauts, I promise nothing less”. The minimalism is sacrificed in the chorus. with the addition of kinetic percussion and glistening synths. Pugh is also accompanied by Tiny Dyno’s Emily Gardiner adding her powerful presence and eloquent delivery. ‘Soho Bedroom Party’ finds The Hideaways eschewing the hard rock production of previous releases, luxuriating in the sounds and production techniques of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Their larger than life lyrics still remain as songwriter Danny Pugh instructs the listener to “Finish the hour, leave me to rest, run through Soho in your Gucci dress.” Tiny […] For more, go to: (Source)