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Kid Congo Powers, one of avant garage punk’s secret weapons, was interviewed March 9 from his Tucson, Arizona, home that he shares with his husband. On the brink of releasing his amazing new EP with his longtime band the Pink Monkey Birds, Swing From The Sean DeLear, he explained to us in part one what […]

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In the ’70s, England had two great punk cities. Most across the planet thought London was the world’s only punk capital, completely ignoring the music and culture’s beginnings in New York City, mostly due to the Sex Pistols’ outsized reputation and influence. But if London was English Punk City No. 1, Manchester definitely came in […]

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10 classic songs by black artists that were covered by British Invasion bands, from the Beatles to the Stones For more, check out: (Source)

Rockabilly-infused single helps bring down the "King of Cold Cuts" in commercial for the big game. Continue reading…

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The history of recorded sound is just short of 150 years old. One would think that nearly every combination of musical note, chord and key would have been written, recorded and copywritten by now. There are still countless numbers of songs being recorded and released. We’re not mathematicians, but there’s no escaping the fact that […]

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