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Ozzy’s eldest daughter explains why she doesn’t want Sharon to manage her music career. Continue reading…

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We first fell in love with The Osbourne family back in 2002 when their hit reality show aired on MTV. However, the series didn’t include the entire Osbourne clan. Ozzy and Sharon‘s eldest daughter Aimee Osbourne did not take part in her family’s reality show. Now, Aimee is revealing why she decided to not appear […]

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It looks like some of the Osbourne family are reuniting on television for the first time in years. Sharon, Ozzy and Jack Osbourne are set to star in Travel Channel‘s new paranormal series The Osbournes Want To Believe. The show debuts on the Travel Channel Sunday, Aug. 2. Read more: Samsung is ditching free chargers […]

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The Dead Kennedys once demanded its demise. But MTV shall always remain an arbiter of where we are as a society. When the music television network decided to stop showing videos and put all their chips on original programming, the pushback was furious. But soon those extended arms would become open and welcome. Because the […]

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Many people miss the days when MTV used to show music videos 24/7. But it’s no secret that the network also hosted some amazing TV shows back in the day.  From the early reality shows to animated classics we love, MTV’s history on the small screen shouldn’t be forgotten. Read more: Bonnaroo cancels 2020 festival […]

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[Photo by: Sam Taylor-Johnson] Jack Osbourne has been keeping busy lately with a number of projects. He recently made his return to television last year with Portals To Hell. As well, Jack is also a producer on the upcoming documentary The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne which airs this summer. Now, in a new interview, […]

While people have been requesting a new season of The Osbournes for years, and Jack Osbourne is discussing rumours of a return for the show once again. In an interview with Variety, he says questions of a reboot of the series have been cropping up more lately and he seems open to do it. Read More: Fearless Records […]