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Henry Rollins

“When Damaged came out, it perfectly represented the depths and darkness of my particular teen angst,” Adam Grossman, guitarist for Angkor Wat, Skrew and Ministry, tells Alternative Press. “It was the soundtrack of my life at that point in time.” Any musician involved in the most extreme forms of musical expression owes their existence and […]

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the modern lovers boston punk rock

A greasy R&B riff rips from the speakers, coated in more fuzz than a peach orchard wearing a 50-year-old wool sweater. A singer with a sneer that could wilt Elvis’ upper lip indicates he’s gonna tell you a story about his town. He snarls about hanging out by the notoriously polluted Charles River, “along with […]

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1994 punk albums, hole, green day, l7, rancid

To consider Alternative Press’ list of 1994’s top 15 punk albums, one has to bear in mind two factors: Green Day’s Dookie was released Feb. 1. Kurt Cobain died by his own hand April 5. The alternative nation’s voice was suddenly, shockingly stilled. After three years of the most popular music being an agonized scream […]

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Chrissie Hynde, the pretenders

Since 1978, the Pretenders’ outspoken singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist Chrissie Hynde and her band have brought sophisticated compositional smarts and instrumental chops to punk rock. They took the music to radio and MTV in the early ’80s, subversively selling it to people who thought they were just listening to exciting rock ’n’ roll. Hynde spoke exclusively to […]

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[Photo by: Donald Rasmussen] Brooklyn pop-punk quartet Hot Knife are here to stick it to the corporate elite in their brand-new track “Top 10 Habits Of Highly Successful People.” The band are exclusively premiering the riffy and sarcastic song with AltPress. The single comes from their forthcoming five-track EP Dread, due April 20 via Black […]