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Wonder Woman Cro-Mags

On Christmas Day, DC fans were treated to the highly-anticipated new film Wonder Woman 1984. Although the film’s simultaneous release on HBO Max and in theaters has sparked various opinions, it looks like one particular detail in the film really has hardcore punk music fans talking. Eagle-eyed Cro-Mags fans noticed one punk character rocking a […]

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Jared Leto Joker Suicide Squad-min

It looks like David Ayer has a few more things to say about Jared Leto‘s Joker. This week, Ayer revealed how a different cut of Suicide Squad may have changed fans’ opinions on the controversial character. Read more: Hear Eminem finally respond to those Billie Eilish comments in new song It’s been four years since […]

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The Conjuring HBO Max Warner Bros 2021 Films-min

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the film industry has had to make some big adjustments. After several release delays throughout the year, some films hit theaters and faced poor box office numbers while others went straight to streaming services. Now, it looks like Warner Bros. plans to do both. This week, Warner Bros. announced that […]

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David Ayer is continuing to share behind-the-scenes Suicide Squad secrets. Over the past few months, the director has revealed various details including a Harley Quinn and Joker love triangle that almost happened, the meaning behind Joker’s tattoos, an alternative Diablo storyline and more. Now, Ayer is revealing that Joker almost had a completely different ending […]

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[Photo via YouTube] Well superhero fans, you finally did it. Zack Snyder‘s cut of 2017’s Justice League is officially hitting HBO Max in 2021. It wasn’t an easy journey so congratulations. Just after the Justice League news was announced, Suicide Squad director David Ayer posted a very cryptic clip showing Jared Leto‘s Joker.  Ayer has been very active as of late […]

[Photo via: Warner Bros.] Suicide Squad director David Ayer is continuing to be vocal on Twitter about the film. This month, Ayer has addressed fan concerns and answered questions regarding the 2016 movie. Now, he’s revealed what could have been an interesting plot point that would really have changed the direction of Suicide Squad.  Ayer said that the original script […]

[Photo via YouTube] Suicide Squad director David Ayer has been vocal on Twitter this week, responding to fan questions about the 2016 film. On Monday, Ayer revealed his true feelings about Jared Leto‘s portrayal of Joker after years of speculation. Now, Ayer is sharing his thoughts about a fan theory regarding one of Joker’s tattoos […]

[Photo via YouTube] Since the David Ayer-directed Suicide Squad was released back in 2016, both fans and critics have been divided over Jared Leto‘s controversial portrayal of Joker. Post-filming, Suicide Squad was recut, eliminating many of Leto’s scenes as the infamous Joker. Now, Ayer is responding again to those reports that many of Leto’s scenes […]