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  “When you combine the right songs with the right musicians and an audience that never forgot, it’s like coming home.” – Pete Paphides What started as an unforgettable live experience, and one of the band’s first […] For more, go to: (Source)

This fall, The The will release The Comeback Special: Live at the Royal Albert Hall, a multiformat live album and Tim Pope-directed concert film documenting Matt Johnson’s reactivation of the band for a 2018 reunion tour, its first in 16 years. Check out the performance of “Sweet Bird of Truth” from the film.

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Have you ever really stopped and thought about how intricate and difficult the process of making a successful album must be? There is, of course, the basic issue of inspiration. Every artist must wring something out from deep within themselves and try to make it cohere outside in the world, make it tangible enough that it communicates something to the listener — and even icons have their struggles with writer’s block. You might come up with seven or 10 brilliant compositions, but then still have nothing lyrically, or vice versa. And that’s just the writing. There are the players, the recording circumstances, the money, the ability or luck that results in a once-in-a-lifetime performance. While not quite on the level of, say, a major blockbuster production, it can be dizzying to consider the amount of factors that must fall into place for something as comparatively contained as an album to work. It’s a wonder we get as many great ones as we do.

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Matt Johnson last weekend released a new 7-inch by The The for the first of three Record Store Day “drops,” a single called “I Want 2 B U” that calls to mind “This Is the Day” because Johnson wrote and recorded it with the “quirky Omnichord instrument” he used on that 1983 classic. Hear it right here.

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