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I absolutely love when a rock band take one of their songs and decide it needs a bit of a re-do and they get out pianos and acoustic guitars. I can almost promise you that it will be a favorite of mine, often more so than the original. Phoenix Az’s This Modern have taken their upbeat song Next Time Around, which usually has a swelling chorus and electronic feel, and showed us they also have a soft side. Marcus Reardon’s striking vocals seem to float effortlessly over a background of piano and other quiet instrumentation. The band said they wanted to deliver something that was soothing and relaxing, something that was a bit of a distraction from 2020, and they have totally delivered with this new version of Next Time Around. For more, go to: (Source)

Phoenix, AZ alternative rockers This Modern have just released their new single “Next Time Around.” Of the new single, vocalist Marcus Reardon says, “The lyrics are designed to be more sad and reflective, while the instrumental is there to uplift you and make you move- it’s a style of writing that we’ve worked a long time to nail down. The goal was to create something anthemic, but beautiful.” Drummer Sean Whiteman adds, “The instrumental was inspired by a Cemetery Sun song, “Piece of Shit.” We’ve been listening to a lot of their music in the studio lately.” For the video, the band selected the location of Jerome, AZ because of its unique frozen in time, ghost town aesthetic. The clip communicates the belief that even in the face of a global pandemic, it’s a mental choice to let a bad situation totally consume you. Vocalist Timo Willsey says, “Given the ongoing socioeconomic inequality, a paralyzing pandemic, inept government, ecological decline, sick social norms and general culture in decline, people are either depressed or in denial. We keep making music to cope, to hope, to love, and to change.” As the band prepares to throw the party at the end of the world, […] For more, go to: (Source)