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Tiger Mimic

Tiger Mimic has been making music together since 2018 when Jess, who sings vocals and plays keys, and Bram who plays guitar and sings vocals arrived in the UK from New York and met up with George, drums and Ben, bass and backing vocals. They have already released an EP, Elephant Skeleton as well as played several UK Festivals, quickly establishing themselves as a band to watch. They are releasing a new single tomorrow ( Friday, August 14th ) titled Where The Fire Used To Be, and we have the first listen here on the blog today. The single, which is about loss and hope takes its title from a dormant volcano that Jess and Bram once hiked. When arriving at the summit there was a misty lake that had replaced the heat of the volcano. To the two musicians, it felt like a fitting image to describe the loss of a loved one, a place devoid of the life that had once filled it, the place where the fire used to be. The song starts with exploding drums and electrifying guitar chords, the soaring back and forth vocals, a mix of male and female, change the mood of the […] For more, go to: (Source)