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It’s been almost 20 years since Pencey Prep released their debut album Heartbreak In Stereo. However, nearly two decades later, Pencey Prep’s music is still prevalent with fans of Frank Iero, John McGuire, Shaun Simon, Tim Hagevik and Neil Sabatino. Now, Sabatino is opening up about his time in Pencey Prep. In a new interview, […]

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It looks like Throwback Thursday is officially making a comeback in the form of that infamous 2005 Frank Iero photo. The photographer that took the fan-favorite photo of the My Chemical Romance guitarist recently shared it again. The image is still so popular after all these years that he now plans to release even more […]

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Frank Iero is a multi-talented musician that has been involved in so many projects that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. From My Chemical Romance to LeATHERMOUTH, Death Spells, the Patience and the Future Violents, Iero has an ever-growing list of musical accomplishments. However, it was his first band Pencey Prep that helped lay down […]

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