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Rise Against 'Nowhere Generation' ticket giveaway

In May, Rise Against announced their Nowhere Generation tour. The summer run will see the group perform in over a dozen U.S. cities. Alternative Press and Live Nation have partnered to offer an exclusive ticket giveaway for the tour. Pairs of tickets will be available for five cities and can be won by tagging your […]

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DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal was already one of this year’s must-read comics. The Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo-helmed seven-issue series follows Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman as they grapple with foes from the Dark Multiverse, including the nefarious Batman Who Laughs. As its title would suggest, the story is dark, intense and utterly metal. […]

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A civil rights lawyer. Continue reading…

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Rise Against-min

Rise Against are officially back with a powerful black-and-white video for their dynamic new single “Nowhere Generation.” The new song tackles the idea of the American Dream and the sacrifices people make in order to be successful in the United States. “Nowhere Generation” is the title track off of Rise Against’s first full-length studio album […]

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Emo song meanings | True backstories of sad songs

The beauty of emo music is that it provides a canvas for our own emotional projections. The lyrical narratives, even when relatively specific, often have just enough ambiguity that we can relate them in some sense to our unique circumstances. With that said, knowing the backstories of our favorite songs can elevate them to a whole new […]

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‘Rock Band’ series tracklist | Alternative songs in ‘Rock Band’

Is there anything more distinctly indicative of late-2000s culture than living room setlists? Transcending the confines of genre, the Rock Band series allowed us to connect with our favorite songs in the most intimate way possible—by performing them. Read more: Billie Eilish heard about her 2020 Grammy noms in an unusual way—watch Barring the pre-generated sets within the […]

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foundational alternative bands outfits preceding iconic artists

We know how to exhaust the discographies of our favorite bands, going back to their early foundations. But how often do we follow their journeys back to where they really started? Prior to achieving career success, many now-iconic artists started somewhere else entirely. Often, we’re so removed from these preceding outfits that we don’t even […]

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unique 2000s scene alternative vocalists artists

2000s vocalists received an enormous amount of attention compared to the rest of their bandmates. It’s no surprise, really. In a scene characterized by edge, these frontmen and women drove their bands’ unique personalities. That’s not to say that they were all distinct. In fact, the era saw notable homogeneity in vocal style, even among more […]

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Poppy Patrick Stump Travie McCoy My Chemical Romance

The Sims franchise has been going for a long time. Those pixelated people in their simulated homes and their intricate stories have been inspiring and entertaining the masses since 2000 with the release of The Sims for PC. Creator Will Wright put his heart and soul into the games, and it shows.  But what about […]

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best punk christmas songs

Christmas is quite possibly the most musically controversial holiday of the year. Not everyone digs the varying styles of seasonal music, though it’s a genre unto itself. You have the ancient carols, full of religious imagery, usually sung by hoary old choirs. The early 20th century’s awash with hokey Tin Pan Alley Christmas standards, sung […]

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