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Travis McCready

Earlier this month, it was announced that — amongst various parts of the country eagerly and almost certainly prematurely reopening — the first indoor concert since the pandemic shut everything down would take place in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Travis McCready, frontman of Bishop Gunn, was set to play an acoustic show under social distancing guidelines: […]

[Photo via Unsplash/Pablo Heimplatz] Arkansas is finally seeing what a concert looks like in the coronavirus pandemic with the Travis McCready show finally taking place tonight (May 18) after several issues with making it happen. Fans began filing in and are now sharing some photos and videos of their experiences going to the show. Read More: You can […]

Tomorrow, in Arkansas, Travis McCready of the country-rock band Bishop Gunn was going to play the first proper live concert since the coronavirus pandemic hit. But now, Pitchfork reports, the show has been postponed for three days following a cease and desist order from the Arkansas Department Of Health and a summary suspension of the […]

For those about to rock, we refute you. That’s the message Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson is sending Bishop Gunn frontman Travis McCready, the country-rocker who was planning to perform the first proper rock concert of the post-COVID era in Fort Smith this week. Tickets for McCready’s solo show at TempleLive this Friday were sold in […]

[Photo by Josh Sorenson/Pexels] Last week, Arkansas made headlines after announcing the state is going to get the ball rolling to bring back live concerts after the coronavirus shutdown. The first show that is set to take place in the state is Travis McCready from country-rock band Bishop Gunn on May 15. However, Arkansas’ governor and the […]

Last week, the first semi-traditional live concert in the United States was announced as certain states begin to reveal plans to loosen their coronavirus restrictions. Travis McCready, the frontman of the country-rock band Bishop Gunn, is scheduled to play a concert in Arkansas at the Temple Live theater this Friday (5/15). That’s three days before […]

While most of us are still waiting out the pandemic from the safety of our own homes, parts of the United States are starting to open back up. Missouri Governor Mike Parson has already announced that concerts in the state can resume this week, with appropriately spaced out seating arrangements. And now, in what will […]