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On Monday, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling began trending on Twitter for a reason she probably didn’t expect. The hashtag #RIPJKRowling became of the top hashtags on the social media platform on Sept. 14. The reason? Her new book. The synopsis of her new crime novel Troubled Blood has been revealed and fans are not happy […]

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For all those Marvel fans out there that haven’t been on Twitter lately, the hashtag #MarvelIsOverParty is currently trending. Why? Well, many MCU fans are still trying to figure that out. Avid fans of Marvel are currently flooding the hashtag with all of the things they wish the franchise had done and would do in […]

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Earlier today, Every Time I Die asked a nearly impossible question to answer by making fans pick only three of their releases to keep if they had to and fans choosing their 2016 record Low Teens has a lot of people confused online. People not in the know about how great the band’s last record was saw the title […]

[Photo via Unsplash] The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has most people staying at home while we’re waiting for a vaccine for the virus and a new trend on Twitter is coming today with people sharing the songs they feel are best at describing the year 2020 so far. The hashtag #SongsThatDescribe2020 is making the rounds with plenty of people highlighting […]