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Iggy Pop, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler, The Creator all star in a new ad campaign for Gucci, which was directed by Harmony Korine and, per GQ, was filmed back in February. All three of them descend on a stylish house wearing Gucci clothes and dance around, soundtracked by Cerrone’s 1977 fantasia “Supernature.” Iggy Pop’s pet…

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We knew Tyler, The Creator was evolving, but it turns out the man is a full-blown responsible adult! We’ve already seen the one-time Odd Future ringleader welcomed into the halls of prestige with Grammys and other awards from the likes of Kodak and the Wall Street Journal. Recently he spoke out in support of the…

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No, those are not death-metal album covers. Neither are the lyrics. Horrorcore, a subversive blend of hardcore hip-hop and horror themes, ventured into new territories in the past decade and continues to evolve. Horrorcore 2.0 features our favorite horror movie tropes while also embracing industrial, witch house, noise, trap metal, emo rap and art pop. […]

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[Photos via Glass Cloud, Volumes, Bloodbather] As protests against police brutality rage on in the United States and across the world, we’re turning to music as a way to understand our emotions. The anger and sadness that comes with looking directly at how police and society as a whole have been treating the black community […]

[Billie Eilish by: Lars Crommelinck/Wikimedia Commons ; Tyler, The Creator via YouTube] Billie Eilish is backing Tyler, The Creator in his comments about the Grammys’ use of the term “urban” in their awards categories. Back at the beginning of the year, Tyler took home the award for Best Rap Album and criticized the awards organization for using the […]

At this point, many artists have voiced their solidarity with those who are protesting across the country following the murder of George Floyd. Over the weekend, a handful of musicians and actors were seen at protests themselves. One of them, seemingly, was Tyler, The Creator, who also took to Instagram to share some thoughts yesterday. […]

Lil Yachty has released a new album called Lil Boat 3. It’s being billed as “the third and final installment” in the Lil Boat series of releases, which kicked off with Yachty’s 2016 debut mixtape and continued with his 2018 album Lil Boat 2. His last full-length, 2018’s Nuthin’ 2 Prove, broke with the naming […]

[embedded content] Videogame heads and skaters are massively stoked by the reboot of the legendary Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. You know who else is excited? Music fans. The soundtracks to those games were some of the best underground-rock gateway drugs a generation could have. Which made us wonder about what songs should be represented […]

[embedded content] Most of us already know that life isn’t about rainbows and unicorns. Nope. You can fall to your death sliding down a rainbow. You can get gored by a unicorn having a bad day. Life can be very sad, ugly and violent. And these 15 crime-inspired songs capture the essence of some of […]

[Photos via Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Slayer/Spotify; Alkaline Trio/Epitaph Records] Curiosity about the human mind has led to a mass interest from people about why some decide to become murderers. Countless musicians have used the gripping stories of well-known serial killers for their songs. Whether they’re based on the infamous true crime accounts of notorious killers […]