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LILHUDDY took an elbow to the jaw. Not in a mosh pit—there haven’t been many of those during the COVID-19 pandemic—but playing basketball with some friends in the courtyard of his multi-million-dollar home in Los Angeles. It’s the kind of common injury that could happen to anyone. Except, of course, LILHUDDY isn’t just anyone. Most […]

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lilhuddy iann dior travis barker tyson ritter collab

LILHUDDY has joined forces with blink-182’s Travis Barker, iann dior and All-American Rejects’ Tyson Ritter on his new single “Don’t Freak Out.” The collab is the fourth single LILHUDDY has shared ahead of his upcoming debut album, Teenage Heartbreak, out Sept. 17 via Immersive/Geffen Records. Read more: Badflower and Blackbear defy musical expectations in Issue […]

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paino-driven alternative songs something corporate all american rejects evanescence hey monday

The emo genre is cathartic by nature, but slow songs provide an opportunity for artists to reflect even more deeply on the feelings that make us human. And somehow, even when featured alongside angst-fueled, uptempo tracks, the ballads always end up being some of the most memorable songs on their respective albums. They have this […]

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All-American Rejects "Me Vs. The World" Premiere

The All-American Rejects have found themselves in a similar spot to where they were 15 years ago, minus the “camera phones” and hotel bed bugs.  As guitarist Nickolas Wheeler reflects on the group’s monumental Move Along era, he says it came during a “dark time” after the 2004 election. And as the group prep a […]

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Throwing back to the early 2000s, the All-American Rejects just gave us a glimpse at an alternate “Swing, Swing” music video. It’s been nearly two decades since the emo anthem graced us all for the first time. The official music video featured the band performing in a trailer park. It dropped ahead of the re-release […]

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As legendary bands in the scene continued to mature musically and grow away from the genres that they became known for, newly established musicians were creating blends that sparked new categories for scene music. In 2008, Fall Out Boy released their last album before their hiatus, and I Set My Friends On Fire popularized crunkcore. […]

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MTV launched Aug. 1, 1981, and eventually took over the planet as a youth authority and a music video jukebox that had the power to catapult an artist’s career to the stratosphere. As YouTube and other streaming platforms took flight in 2005, MTV slowly started becoming more obsolete and less meaningful as a video network, […]

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In 2005, an unexpected but revolutionary wave of scene music hit the mainstream. It was the year Myspace rose in the online ranks social media and became the most popular of its kind. It gave bands new avenues to introduce their unique sounds to the masses and familiarize the world with the classic scenester selfie […]

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[Photo credit: Bring Me The Horizon/Paul Harries, Travis Clark/Frankie Moreno, The Ready Set, twenty one pilots] Have you ever belted out the lyrics to your favorite song only to be corrected by a fellow fan? Sometimes bands hear their own song with misheard lyrics and offer a hilarious correction, such as in the case of […]