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Maggie Lindemann won’t be contained to one genre. The 22-year-old Dallas-born singer may be most well known for her buzzing pop-punk single “Friends Go” that was later remixed with Travis Barker and the melancholy “Would I,” but she’s now ready to take on heavier sounds. She teamed up with experimental artist Caroline Miner Smith who […]

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No, those are not death-metal album covers. Neither are the lyrics. Horrorcore, a subversive blend of hardcore hip-hop and horror themes, ventured into new territories in the past decade and continues to evolve. Horrorcore 2.0 features our favorite horror movie tropes while also embracing industrial, witch house, noise, trap metal, emo rap and art pop. […]

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[embedded content] With the interest in exclusive genres seemingly waning, both musicians and listeners have leveled the playing field. The most fertile of genre collisions has definitely been in the realm of emo rappers. The slow-moving hip-hop grooves of hip-hop vibe perfectly against emo’s heart-on-sleeve angst and sadness. Our video focuses on the emo rappers […]