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As you probably know, Bob Dylan turns 80 years old today. As such, here’s a mix (approximately 80 minutes for Bob’s 80 years) of unreleased gems, stretching from 1973 to 2019, including studio outtakes, rehearsals, live performances and television appearances.

It’s a mess. It’s beautiful.

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For this Unearthed bootleg mix we’re digging into our decades-spanning stash of unreleased demo tapes. Some of them are exceedingly rough, still searching for the song. Others are fully formed, the finish line in view. Some are recorded straight to a boom box at home, others in a tricked out Hollywood studio….

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Consider this one a sequel to the Unearthed series’ two other Bay Area bootleg deep dives — Sausalito Haze and Pacific High. The Boarding House, located at 960 Bush Street in San Francisco, had a good run in the 1970s as one of the city’s premiere nightclubs, presenting a killer mix of music and comedy (such stars as Robin Williams and Steve Martin had early successes here) seven nights a week, in a very intimate setting. For this mix, we’ve gathered together a typically eclectic blend of folk, reggae, jazz, country, punk and rock, all recorded live at the Boarding House.

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Did indie rock peak in 1995? It feels like it did — but it’s possible that I think that because I was an impressionable 16-year-old then, having my mind blown week after week by the underground’s leading lights. Whatever, we can all agree that the indie scene was thriving 25 years ago, and the latest Unearthed bootleg mix gathers together some tasty live ’95 jams for your listening pleasure. Most of the big names are here, along with a few slightly underappreciated artists. Turn back the clock and take a dip in the Diamond Sea.

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With live music still iffy this year, let’s travel back to some long-ago summers in New York City’s Central Park. For the 12th edition of the Unearthed bootleg mix series, we’re training our ears on Wollman Skating Rink, which hosted some truly stellar al fresco concerts back in the day. These performances span from the late 1960s to the early 1980s and encompass a wide range of freaky fresh air jams: dark funk jazz, ecstatic post-punk, prog epics, Texas boogie — it’s all here

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Loaded has been rightly celebrated plenty over the decades, but what the hell, let’s celebrate it a little more. This latest Unearthed mix cobbles together an alternate version of the LP via some tasty live recordings, rehearsal tapes, backstage jams and other obscurities. Recording quality varies wildly, performance quality is great throughout. Heavenly wine & roses await.

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McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica isn’t just one of the best musical instrument stores in the great Los Angeles area. For a half-century, its backroom has been the site of thousands of concerts. It’s an incredibly intimate space, encouraging artists to loosen up and really connect with fans. For the latest Unearthed bootleg mix […]