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What a difference a few decades make. Call it a creeping malaise or a reflection of the times. Film and television have essentially created a new cottage industry. Take a sprite, fun, pop song from a different era and turn it into a moody ballad. This APTV video compiles a list of 10 songs in […]

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If anyone predicted that the infectious Bananarama hit from the summer of 1983, “Cruel Summer,” could be turned into a somber, foreboding cover with the ability to create a palpable nervousness and introspection, said person surely would have been laughed off the MTV sound stage. After all, without MTV, the three London women who made […]

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Martha Coolidge’s 1983 movie Valley Girl starred Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman as star-crossed SoCal lovers in a storyline inspired by Romeo And Juliet. Just in time for the film’s 35th anniversary in 2018, director Rachel Lee Goldenberg remade Valley Girl as a jukebox musical featuring hits from the ’80s. The film was shelved at […]