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In the music world, everybody has to start somewhere. While a producer’s early albums are their proving ground for a bright future in the field, they also need luck on their side to find a successful band and a scene-changing album to springboard the rest of their career into the stratosphere. From legendary production masters […]

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conquer divide architect metalcore music videos

From animated high-speed chases to fiery explosions on LED panels to straightforward clips of musicians pouring their hearts out, there are so many different directions a metalcore band can take when crafting the perfect music video. Artists are tasked with determining which visual effects will best enhance the story being told in the song.  Over […]

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Dance Gavin Dance Will Swan Blue Swan Records Rise Records-min

It’s an exciting week for Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Will Swan and his independent record label Blue Swan Records. This week, it was announced that Blue Swan Records is officially partnering with Rise Records in an effort to sign, develop and promote more artists in the post-hardcore and heavy experimental scene. Read more: ‘American Horror […]

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Dance Gavin Dance have been forced to postpone their headlining Afterburner tour with Animals As Leaders, Veil Of Maya, Eidola and Wolf & Bear again. As well, Dance Gavin Dance’s Swanfest is not happening in 2021. Read more: Machine Gun Kelly is acting alongside his daughter in this new thriller So far, things […]

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best 2000s deathcore albums

Deathcore was a defining force of the 2000s metal scene. While polarizing at the time, it’s gained more respect in recent years through a new era of the genre. Still, the origins of the genre were filled with great releases that stand strong over a decade later.  While bands used to fight against metal elitists […]

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[Photos via Volumes, Periphery, Veil Of Maya/Spotify, Born Of Osiris/Spotify] Djent is a relatively new genre built by many incredible bands. While it’s become a standard part of metal now, it wouldn’t be as common without a handful of acts who pushed it to the mainstream. Sure, the earliest djent bands cite Meshuggah as inspiration […]