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When the first listen of an album makes you second guess everything you thought you knew about an entire genre of music, that’s probably a special album. The first time I heard it, I didn’t enjoy Unwound’s Leaves Turn Inside You, which turns 20 this weekend. But over the years the album’s not only grown on me, it’s allowed me to more broadly appreciate creativity despite whatever genre boundaries and preconceived notions initially box me out.

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Each year comes with loss and change. 2020, in particular, has been one with an overwhelming amount of grief. It’s hard to know what to say when you lose people you admire, whether you know them personally or were inspired by the art they created. Hold the people you care about close and thank them. […]

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On Aug. 6, news broke that Vern Rumsey, the longtime bassist and founder member of the Olympia, Wash. post-hardcore band Unwound, has passed away. He was 47. Conan Neutron, Rumsey’s bandmate in Household Gods, broke the news on Thursday. Read more: Billie Joe Armstrong thought fans would hate this classic Green Day song Neutron took […]

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