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This year’s AES Spring Convention – AES’s first ever all-online international convention, AES Virtual Vienna – carried on many of the traditions of AES Conventions, including the presentation of AES Awards for distinguished achievement in the field of audio and service to the Society. The awards were presented during the Opening Ceremony by David Scheirman, an AES Past President and current Awards Committee Chair, along with remarks from AES Virtual Vienna Co-chairs Piotr Majdak and Nadja Wallaszkovits and AES President Agnieszka Roginska. The AES Virtual Vienna Opening Ceremony, along with the complete Convention Technical Program, is currently available online at […]

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The Audio Engineers Society is making it’s Virtual Vienna convention available for audio engineers worldwide. The event will take place online from June 2-5. AES Virtual Vienna is a complete online experience. The four day event will include papers, workshops, posters, tech tours and student & career sessions via video presentations with live and forum-based […]